Learn about our systems, our creative approach, and our mission to bring you an extremely simple process and outstanding results to your TV marketing campaign.



Every Auto Attack TV Commercial is written and built around a monthly promotion that gives the audience a reason to come buy now instead of later.  As you know, at any given time there is always a large audience ready to purchase a vehicle today.  Our goal is to get them to purchase it from you.


Managing scripts and shoots for TV commercials is a pain for General Managers.  With our approach, we take this responsibility away from you. Your spots are produced, you approve them, we digitally distribute them to the TV stations of your choice, and the people come buy cars...from you.


Our company has spent over 10 years writing and producing effective TV commercials for local, regional, and national brands.  Auto Attack TV provides all of our experience and creativity packaged up in a focused TV campaign system called Auto Attack.


Let's be honest, almost all local TV commercials are not very good.  They lack in craftsmanship and intelligence.  The commercials created for you by Auto Attack will immediately stand out because the production quality will far exceed your competitors TV commercials. Guaranteed.


When you sign up with Auto Attack, you will have exclusivity in your TV Market to our on air talent, Gentry Johnson. Having Gentry be the face of your dealership will quickly help develop a reputation of trust that people will recognize and become passionate about.  We've personally seen it happen.  More than that, Gentry is quite honestly the best spokesperson on TV.  No exaggeration. 


Our system is designed around a 6 month schedule.  This eliminates any guesswork or questioning as to what commercials you will air in the coming months.  They will be planned, scripted, produced, and ready ahead of time so you can be proactive and not reactive with your advertising.